Akihabara Idol Live – 16th November 2014 – Yunaimizu – highly talented J-pop prospect!

Akihabara Idol Live – 16th November 2014 – Yunaimizu – highly talented J-pop prospect!

Amazing performances from up and coming J-pop talents with very high potential to become stars! In this article, I cover Yunaimizu – a lovely lady of talent who appears to have the right mix of skills to scale great heights in the highly competitive J-pop arena!

All Otagei – rush to Roppongi!

In a quiet and unassuming neighbour in Roppongi, is the BeeHive Live House. On the 16th of November 2014, the place was buzzing with activity. Lots of cute and slightly nervous Idols, and their fans – the Otagei, were all in anticipation of a great music and dance filled afternoon.

Seeing a Idol solo or group performance, and the antics of the fan community, the Otagei, is an amazing experience. It is not to be missed for anyone who would like to experience the product of a modern and evolved Japanese pop subculture.

On this day, we did a mini interview and introduction of two artists – the cute (kawaii!) and lovely Yunaimizu (Yu-chan) – a solo performer from Yamanashi, and the G7 group – a group of cheerful bubbly girls with high diversity on the kawaii scale.

In this article, we write about Yu-chan. Yu-chan was friendly and smiled a lot. She introduced herself confidently in Japanese and English, posed for the camera, and even gave me a gift – a photo of hers! Her favourite color is sky blue.

Yunaimizu posing with gift
Yu-chan posing with the gift, while I hold a poster of album cover.

Yunaimizu’s awesome performance

After introductions, I moved to the stage and got myself a vantage point to view the show. A large number of Otagei waited patiently for the show to start.

Yu-chan confidently strode on stage in a pink dress and white boots. She started off with a slow and mesmerizing J-pop song. She crooned to the audience, which responded by waving the light sticks in their hands in synchronization with her song. It will not even take a minute for the average viewer and listener to understand that Yu-chan is a highly talented performer with great voice control, range and excellent stage presence. After finishing her first song, she confidently engaged the audience and thanked them. She spoke to the Otagei eloquently, with politeness and humility, and made good eye contact too.

Yunaimizu performing on stage
Yunaimizu performing on stage.

After a few minutes, Yu-chan started singing her second song which had the theme “No pain no gain”. This was a much stronger number compared to the previous song, and this enabled her to further showcase the extent of her capabilities. The audience went wild and sang along with her. Her body language and dance moves were well in line with the theme of the song and she was in perfect control of herself throughout, as if performing without effort. This song had a mix of Japanese and English lyrics, and she was able to switch between the two languages very smoothly. In addition to this, the background lighting on the stage during her two songs enhanced her overall performance very well too. After this number too, she enthusiastically spoke with the audience as before, and left the stage to grand applause.
Yu-chan’s combination of song, dance and audience engagement skills reflects hundreds of hours of hard work and practice. It seems she could be destined for fame and greatness on the national circuit.

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