Yodobashi Camera/ Anything You Need, All in One Store!

Yodobashi Camera/ Anything You Need, All in One Store!

When talking about stores in Akihabara, one of the names that must come up is “Yodobashi Camera”. Although the word “camera” sticks at the end of its name, Yodobashi indeed offers an incredibly wide range of products from shampoo to refrigerator. Yodobashi camera is located in a nine-storey building next to Akihabara station. The store itself is on the first to the sixth floor, with the rest of the building consists of restaurants and other shops.

One-Stop Store: All You Ever Need Is Here

It is probably more difficult to think of things that Yodobashi Camera does not sell than naming the products they offer. Only on the third floor, you can find almost anything that you would want to buy from Japan (and also things that your family and friends would like you to buy for them) such as cosmetics, cameras, rice cookers, electric toothbrushes, watches, and some pretty Japanese souvenirs. Of course, there are many more on other floors waiting for you to explore (e.g. games and consoles on the sixth floor).
Foreign customers visiting Yodobashi Camera either buy for their friends and family , or for themselves. Probably for this reason, the store makes it more convenient for them to stop at one place and be able to get everything from a lipgloss for a little sister to a video camera for an uncle.
Among the most popular products are DSLR cameras from Nikon and Canon, Japanese-branded wristwatches (Casio and Seiko), electronic beauty appliances from Panasonic, and Japanese multi-function rice cookers.


Foreigner-Freindly Yodobashi

It might be safe to say that Yodobashi Camera is one of the most well-known stores among tourists coming to Japan. And because of the store’s popularity, people from around the world stop by and shop at Yodobashi Camera more and more frequently, either individual customers or customers from guided tours. Most of the foreign customers are Chinese and Indians, with some Europeans and Southeast Asians. Therefore, one big challenge for Yodobashi’s sales staff is how to communicate with these customers.


In order to provide proper services to foreign customers, not only Yodobashi Camera offers a wide variety of products which can be used abroad, but some of the products also have their description written in mainly English or Chinese displayed together on the shelf. For even more convenience, they also employs foreign staff who can communicate with foreigners, making sure that these customers will get exactly what they came for.
Futhermore, Yodobashi Camera Akihabara also responded to foreign customers’ needs by displaying products foreign customers often purchase mostly on the third floor. For example, cameras and accesories, watches, rice cookers, electric shavers, cosmetics, small souvenirs and even kimono. This makes it very easy for foreign customers to shop around for their loved ones and for themselves without much sweat.

Tips on Purchasing Products

It would be totally wasteful to buy something you cannot use outside of Japan. Here are some tips for those looking for stuff you can bring home (and be able to use them!)
Looking for the word “海外対応” or the voltage information, which is between 100-240 v. when purchasing electrical appliances
If you are looking for products made in Japan, look for the word “日本製”
Checking if the warrantee is covered when the products are used abroad, in case of damage or malfunction
Some well-known brands have their customer centers in your country! Please make use of their services in case something goes wrong with the products
Please make sure you get all the information right by consulting with sales staff. They are happy to provide services in foreign language! (especially, English and Chinese)

How to Access

Getiing to Yodobashi Camera (Akihabara branch) is just too easy you would be surprised if you got lost. The Yodobashi Akiba building is right next to Akihabara station with connecting entrance (as the yellow and orange figure illustrated in the map below). Simply walk toward “Central Exit” or “Showa-Dori Exit” and you will find the entrance to the store rather effortlessly.

Shop Data

Opening hours: Everyday 9.30-22.00 (1st-6th floor)
Address: Hanaokacho Kanda 1-1 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel.: 03-5209-1010


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