Weather Insights for Akihabara , Tokyo:  Humidity, Snow, Rain, Typhoons

Weather Insights for Akihabara , Tokyo: Humidity, Snow, Rain, Typhoons

Japan has a temperate climate, yet it experiences a range of weather conditions; from wet to humid to typhoons, Japan has it all

Summer Months: Hot or Not

Summer in the Tokyo area ranges from May to September. During the summer it is hot and humid, with humidity being the higest in June for the rainy season and September for typhoon season. During typhoon season, Tokyo seldomly gets a direct hit from the storms as they typically make landfall on the souther tip of the island. If Tokyo feels anything from a typhoon, it’s just the remnants. That being said, sometimes the remnants are enough to cause quite a bit of damage for the residents and shopkeepers of Tokyo. The rainfall typically peaks in August, but remains high throught October. During this time, the volume of rain and the amount of rainy days both increase. Along with the humidity comes the joke from the Japanese natives that “you can walk and swim at the same time.
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Winter Months: How Cold is Tokyo’s Cold

Tokyo enjoys mild winters with little to no snow. If threre is any snowfall, it is usually nothing more than a light dusting that does not last long at all. The coldest month is January which is when the snow would start to fall if there is any that year. This cold spell lasts throgh February before it begins to warm up again. Tokyo’s snowy and cold season is rather short and makes it a great destination for travelers during the Northern Hemisphere’s winter. A great escape from the cold and snow, especially for those from the nothern part of the US or anything in that same latitude range or north.

What’s It Like Between These Seasons?

The average low for Tokyo does not drop below 50°F. The spring and fall are the biggest tourist times for the area. The cherry blossoms are the big draw for the spring visiting group with the autum colors of the leaves is the interest of the fall visitors. These seasons are the most comfortable for most visitors as the summer temperature are typically too hot for those who come from a cool climate while the winter could be too cold fot those from a warmer climate. For the most enjoyable temperature and weather, it is highly recommended to visit between the extremes of Tokyo’s weather.

Access/ How to go to Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, which makes it easy to access. Virtually every form of transportation has directions to Tokyo. The easiest way to get there is to take a train. If the line runs to or through Tokyo, it will be listed as a directional destination.


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