Toranoana/ famous japanese comic book shop in akihabara/

Toranoana/ famous japanese comic book shop in akihabara/

“Toranoana” is a store where Japanese comic fans gather. The store is established in 1994 as a doujinshi specialty store, and has been supporting many doujinshi creators over the years. There is 3 “Toranoana” branch shops in Akihabara, which are 1) Akihabara Store A: the flagship shop, 2) Akihabara Store B, where there is an exclusive floor for women, and 3) Akihabara Store C, the core shop. You can find a larger variety of products and more abundant stocks in Akibabara Store A; therefore, even if you don`t have much time, you can still enjoy your visit at Store A! Please note that all comics and products are in Japanese though.

Akihabara Store A: flagship shop

Out of the 3 Toranoana stores in Akihabara, this branch store provides the largest variety of products. The entire building, from B1 Floor to 7th Floor, is Toranoana shop.At Toranoana, they sell not only products commonly found in general bookstores, but they also sell products you can`t find anywhere else but Akihabara. Although most of the products available at the store are comics, other types of products such as computer games and Toranoana original goods are also being sold. 1st Floor sells mainly new released comics, 2nd Floor sells newly released comics and other relatively new comics.
You will find crowdedly packed books and novels on shelves inside the store. Apart from general commercial magazines, you can find all kinds of Doujinshi here. General bookstores don`t sell Doujinshi since it is privately created and published by an individual or a group. On the 5th Floor, you can find, for example, original Toranoana goods and Touhou Project-related goods. Touhou Project is one of Toranoana`s many popular Doujinshi`s brand. Since the selling of Touhou Project`s Doujinshi is limited, there are many products which you can only find at Toranoana. On the 3rd Floor, there is a collaboration shop between Kadogawa and Toranoana.
Besides comics, there are also many kinds of products available. This stick is a light stick used normally during live concerts in Japan.

Akihabara Store B: Exclusive shop for ladies

At this store, there is an exclusive floor for women, which you can hardly find elsewhere in Akihabara. Other than original goods you can only find at Toranoana, there is also popular comic series, anime CDs and DVDs available for sale at the store. At this Store B, most of the customers are women so it`s a very comfortable place for female tourists to visit.
Inside the store, you will find lots of autographs of manga writers on the walls.
Aside from comics for women, at Store B, you will get to see various kinds of products such as anime DVDs, voice actors` CDs and drama CDs.

Akihabara Store C: Core shop

Akihabara Store C has just made its grand opening in 2013.
The whole 3rd Floor is for selling comics and comics-related goods. You can also find second-hand Doujinshi books here (In Japanese it is called “Kobutsu”). Doujinshi that has been published only once is generally tagged as premium and might cost you 10 times the original price. There is also a case where popular doujinshi is tagged as premium. However, in normal cases, second-hand doujinshi is being sold at cheap prices; there is also a 100 yen doujinshi. Since the products at Toranoana are all in Japanese, most of the tourists usually just do window shopping. It might be a good idea to buy some cheap Kobutsu for souvenirs though. 4th Floor is the event floor.

Telephone Interpretation service

Since January 2014, FREE telephone interpretation services are available at Akihabara`s Toranoana stores. For free telephone interpretation services, you can acquire the staffs at the stores.
Currently available languages for interpretation are English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese. Southeast Asian languages, however, are not available. If you can speak English or Chinese, you might want to give this service a try!


[shop A,B]
■Hours 10:00~22:00
■Access 4-3-1, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,

[shop C]
■Hours 11:00~22:00
■Access 3F,Kakut Bldg.3-18-3, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


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