Tokyo Anime Center Official Shop/ A Place to Satisfy Your Anime Fantasies

Tokyo Anime Center Official Shop/ A Place to Satisfy Your Anime Fantasies

Being in a place where you could be a child once again gives you emotional liberation; and Tokyo Anime Center official shop is one of the best shops to go to when you just want to revisit your childhood fantasies and dreams of fighting with, dating or simply becoming a sexy super heroine like the sailor soldiers in Sailor Moon, which was popularized in the nineties.


Anime GC.7


As the name suggests, Tokyo Anime Center official shop deals mainly with Japanese anime. They offer various merchandise bearing pictures, logos and themes of several animations, ranging from souvenir items and foods to toys, and even books, magazines and other related reading materials. There are several collector’s items on display.


Tokyo Anime Center official shop is located on the third floor of the UDX Akihabara building. Their shop is just a small studio-type one with glass walls covered in colorfully painted photos of animated characters. They have three entrance doors to the store but one is blocked and does not permit visitors and buyers in or out.

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Be amazed with a maze of amazing items!


The moment you enter their small shop, you will be welcomed to a maze of assorted colors and sizes of anime figures and toys, key chains bearing the faces of different anime characters. It was indeed fascinating to witness various displays of items in a quite small space. Prices range from as low as about 100 yen to as much as 15,000 yen or even more.

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A wide range of variety of items means price variation.

With the huge variety of item sizes and colors and designs, do expect a huge range of prices as well. Pins, plastic folders and key chains are the most affordable. They only coast around 150 to 500 yen. The bigger the items and the more intricate the figures are, the more expensive they get. Smaller collectibles range from a thousand to 7,000 yen, while bigger ones cost over 10,000 yen.

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No cameras allowed, please.


Not only Tokyo Anime Center official shop, but even in other hobby shops around the place, cameras are not allowed. So no matter how enticing the colors you will see around you inside the shop, just try to avoid using a camera to capture these images. There several signs posted inside that bears a picture of a camera with a big X on it. The shop is also small enough for the staffs to hear every click you trigger either on your iPhone or digital camera.

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It is easy to get to Tokyo Anime Center official shop. From the Akihabara Station, take the Electric Town Exit at the Akihabara UDX side and go up the stairs or escalator, if you wish, to an overpass that will take you directly to the UDX building away from the traffic and without having to wait for the green signal for the pedestrians. Go straight until you reach the entrance of the building, then turn right and take the escalator you will find outside of the building that will take you to the third floor. As soon as you reach the 3rd level, you will immediately catch sight of the colorful shop with a huge text that says TOKYO ANIME CENTER OFFICIAL SHOP.


XV.Shop Data:

■Hours 11:00~19:00

■Access 4-14-1,Sotokanda,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo,

■Tell 03-5298-1188

■URL http://www.


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