Taito Station/ a  game center where you can enjoy crane games.

Taito Station/ a game center where you can enjoy crane games.

Taito Station is one of the largest game centers in Akihabara and is only about 3 minutes away by walking from Akihabara Station. The building is decorated with a red billboard with a famous game character from”Space Invaders” on it, and the store entrance is also pretty large so you will be able to see it easily. Taito Station Akihabara consists of 6 floors, which include all kinds of games and photo sticker booths. You will definitely enjoy your visit here!

1st and 2nd Floor: Crane game machines

The 1st and 2nd floor are floors for crane games. There are many kinds of dolls and anime character goods and figures for you to choose and take the challenge. You can really enjoy your time trying to pick up your favorite anime figures in the crane games. Let me tell you that everything seems easier once you learn the trick. You can ask the staff about the tricks for crane games. There is also a crane game for a limited edition of a popular character figure, which is dressed up in Taito Station`s staff costumes!(Products are different depending on season.) So don`t miss it!
You can also buy an exclusive product of Taito Station, an eco-friendly reusable shopping bag printed with a design of Taito`s “SPACE INVADERS” character from an automated selling machine on the 1st and 2nd floor.
Furthermore, when you take the elevator to the 2nd floor, you will find a private Karaoke box called Choi KARA. It is quite rare to be able to sing Karaoke alone inside the game center, but you might enjoy a unique experience here! By the way, don`t worry that others will overhear your singing though because Choi Kara is soundproof.
There is also an ATM on the 1st floor, which supports international money transfer services. You won`t have to worry about shortage of money when you play games here!

3rd and 4th Floor: Arcade game machines

A large variety of arcade games are on the 3rd and 4th floor. You will find both new and old games here. If you had heard of popular games of the old times such as Mario, Street Fighters and Bomberman, you might want to relive your childhood here on the 4th floor because there are many arcade gaming machines of those old games here.
There is a punching game machine on the 3rd floor, a product manufactured by Taito. You can try the game and punch with all you have got to relieve your stress or to test your own power!

5th Floor: Music game machines

On the 5th floor, you will find various kinds of music game machines. This floor is usually crowded with gamers and filled with loud music from the machines. If you come here, you might want to try a music game machine produced by Taito called “Groove Coaster EX” (also known as “RHYTHMVADERS”). I`m sure you will have fun playing this game!

B1 Floor: Photo booths/ cosplay

Lastly, on the B1 floor, you will find many photo sticker booths. There is also a women-only zone here. The special thing about photo sticker booths at Taito Station Akihabara is that you can borrow and put on anime or cosplay costumes for FREE! You can dress up as a maid, as Japanese idol called AKB48, or as your favorite anime character. There are many cloth choices for you to choose. You can enjoy taking snap photos and making photo stickers of your friends and yourself here.

Taito Station is a good choice to visit for both gamers and non-gamers! You can play around here with either your friends or families.


The staffs only speak Japanese but you can use gestures to communicate with them.

Shop Data

Address: Soto Kanda 4-2-2 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 10:00~24:00 everyday
Tel: 03-5289-8445
URL: http://www.taito.com/gc/store/00001802


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