Onoden / A one-stop electronic shop designed for shoppers from all walks of life

Onoden / A one-stop electronic shop designed for shoppers from all walks of life

At a first glance, Onoden may look just like any ordinary Akihabara shop that sells just about anything with no theme in particular. But as you get to explore the whole four-floor building, you will come into conclusion that they specialize in electronics, appliances and even imported hobby and food items. Hence, it would be safe to say that it is a one-stop-shop designed for shoppers from all walks of life.
Onoden 1As you pass by Onoden, you will notice the first floor is divided into two sections. At the right side is the Onoden Rainbow Spectrum. As the name obviously defines, this part of the shop is likened to a rainbow, decorated with colorful food and stationery items that look so pleasant to shop-goers and passersby. Various flags from different countries hang from the ceiling. One would surely be compelled to go in and have a look.

At the other side of the shop, you will see several displays of DSLR cameras and camera accessories, telescope, binoculars, watches and though it may sound out of place, even some bottles of imported wines are on display just below the escalator going to the next floors above.
On the second floor, you will find displays on home electronics and appliances like refrigerators, washing machines and vacuum cleaners. Moving on to the third floor, you will see flashes of vibrant lights reflected from the wide-screens of televisions on display. There are futuristic-design home theaters and radios, as well. On the fourth floor, the last level, you will find chandeliers hanging on the ceiling, LED and other types of home lighting, seasonal appliances like heaters, humidifier and air conditioners.

Onoden is one of the most tourist-friendly electronic shops in Akihabara.

They cater to the every need of customers, both locals and tourists. In fact, the staffs provide a bilingual instruction to foreign clients as they entertain and assist tourists from Korea, China and English speaking countries. Whether their staffs are locals or expatriates, I have had no idea about that. I just overheard several Chinese customers talking to one of the shop staffs in mandarin.
Onoden 2
Onoden 3Onoden 4
Onoden accepts a wide variety of payment methods.

Aside from their staffs’ ability to speak various languages, Onoden further maximized their marketing to tourists by providing several ways of accepting payment methods. Aside from cash, credit cards like VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Union Pay, UC, American Express and Diners Club are honored. Furthermore, tourists, most especially, can purchase anything at the shop free of taxes. Just make sure you have your passport to support your claim.
Onoden 7
Onoden 8
Onoden 9

The floors above the first level can be accessed through an elevator and feet-friendly staircases.

Compared with some other electronic and gadget shops I have visited in the area, Onoden has the safest carpeted staircases. Each step is more than enough to accommodate someone with a gigantic-size set of feet. The carpeted steps also make it easier to go up and down the stairs with less chances of tripping down. Otherwise, if you prefer the elevator, they are also available just at the right side of the staircases.
Onoden 10
Onoden 5
Onoden 6Just a two or three-minute walk from the JR Akihabara Station via the Electric Town Exit, you will immediately find Onoden. Go past the Atre mall and Radio Kaikan, and on to the main road. Just located towards the corner of the block opposite the Gamer’s and Paradise Hobby, you will find Onoden beside Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Ltd.

Shop Data:
■Hours 10:00~20:00
■Access 1-2-7, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
■Tell 03-3253-3911
■URL http://www.onoden.co.jp/


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