McDonald’s Akihabara Branch / The fast food shop for everyone always on the go.

McDonald’s Akihabara Branch / The fast food shop for everyone always on the go.

Anybody who doesn’t know about McDonald’s undoubtedly lives under a rock.
Considered as the biggest fast food hamburger restaurant all over the world with more than 35,000 branches in over 119 countries like the US, Canada, the UK, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Korea, Switzerland, New Zealand and Mexico, among others, McDonalds surely has become a part of our food culture, catering to the general public.

Akihabara, in particular, has at least three branches of McDonalds. Input its name in Google Maps and it will take you to several outlets just a few meters away from each other around the station. The nearest one is just located in the vicinity of the Akihabara Station.
Needless to say, Akihabara Ekimae Branch is the nearest and the most convenient, though it is not as spacious as the other McDonald’s outlets in the area. The moment you enter the restaurant, you will immediately see the counter with busy yet friendly staffs in their usual uniforms always ready to greet you with a warm “irashaimase”.
Towards the far right, you will see a small area where diners could sit down and enjoy their meals. Most of the tables are ideal for only two or a solo diner, yet you can always move two tables together to accommodate a bigger group.

The place is usually crowded around noon time and about 7 in the evening, so a lot of customers who couldn’t be accommodated just order for take out meals.

With McDonald’s presence in the place, not one busy individual has the reason not to stop for a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner.

One day, I dropped by Akihabara on a quick business trip. It was a hectic day filled with several appointments. I had forgotten all about my hunger and was reminded by a loud grumble in my stomach. Luckily for me, McDonald’s Ekimae Branch saved me from a total day’s starvation. Before I caught the train, I dropped by at the fast food for a quick late afternoon lunch before I picked up on my journey and head someplace again.
A single burger meal-set is ready in just about a minute.

In less than three minutes, McDonald’s inexpensive burger, fries, apple pie and chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce already filled my stomach with utmost delight and remedied my grumbling stomach.
McDonald’s is also open 24 hours and seven days a week. In the station-front branch, their wifi is also enabled.
Getting full is inexpensive at McDonald’s.

You can already grab a regular burger with a beef patty, some pickles, mayonnaise and ketchup, regular fries and an apple pie for as low as a hundred yen each and shell only 300 yen from your pocket. This already includes the 8 percent tax. Indeed, McDonald’s serves the cheapest burger and other finger food in the area, if not in the whole of Japan.
With Google Map’s help, McDonald’s Akihabara can easily be accessed. Even within the station, you will enjoy a quick, yet sumptuous meal at their Ekimae Branch, a perfect one for every working professional who are always on the go. You will not get lost in finding it because there are location maps posted in some walls and posts in the station.

Just take the Electric Town Exit, then turn left and take the tunnel-like passage that leads you to the other side of the train railway. Walk for just about a minute and a red-and-yellow McDonald’s signage will greet you after a few steps. It is located at the right side.

There are also several other McDonald’s branches if you walk a few minutes away from the station, like the Softmap branch, located at the first floor of their building, just a minute or two walk away from the station. Their Ekimae Branch may not be that spacious, but it surely is a comfort to find one effortlessly and immediately grab a quick bite when your stomach already grumbles in hunger.

Shop Data:
■Hours 12:00~00:00
■Access 0-0-1,Sotokanda,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo,
■Tell 03-3256-5558




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