Mai:lish / a maid cafe setting of the game named “STEINS;GATE”

Mai:lish / a maid cafe setting of the game named “STEINS;GATE”

Mai:lish, though quite a distance from Akihabara station, is a traditional maid café you should not miss! Foreign tourists usually visit here almost everyday.
The cafe is modeled after the café in a popular game called “STEINS;GATE” so this café is like a holy land for the fans of this game, who would make sure to definitely visit the café.

Recommended products

Mai:lish`s curry (pink curry) 1300 yen

Here you will find a pink curry, which you could hardly find anywhere else!
Since it`s a chicken curry, those who cannot eat pork due to religious reasons should not be worried. If you are unsure of what to order, give this curry a try!

Cream tea set 1365 yen

For this menu, you will get a kettle full of tea and scones. ( The picture below is single item)
The tea sold in this café is made by the maid called “Ibara-san”, who is a shop manager and has Japan`s Tea Association Certificate. Since the tea in the café is selected, bought and made by a professional tea instructor, you can enjoy the real taste and smell of high-quality tea, which you won`t find in other cafes.
Aside from tea, the big sized drinks, which are 3 times the normal drink size are very popular with tourists.

Inside the maid cafe


A variety of maid cosplay

On normal occasions, the café staffs wear normal maid costumes; however, during special events such as Halloween and Christmas, you will get to see the staffs wearing different kinds of special costumes.


You might have a difficult time finding the café because it is located deep inside the building. Opposite to the road to the café, there is a 7-11 convenience store so you may keep that in mind.
You can take the stairs to 2nd floor to arrive at the café.
You will see this show case of maid costumes (the picture below).

Languages used

There is also English and Chinese menus (only the old versions before updated ones)


Taking photos inside the maid cafes and of the maid staffs are prohibited; the same goes for almost every maid cafes in Japan.
You can take pictures of the food and drinks you order, but you should inform the staff first.


■Hours 11:00~22:00
■Access FH-kyowa-square 2F,3-6-2,Sotokanda,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo
■tell 03-5289-7310


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