e-sports SQUARE Akihabara / KAORI’s Akihabara List NEWS [Vol.3]

e-sports SQUARE Akihabara / KAORI’s Akihabara List NEWS [Vol.3]


Hi everyone. I’m Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome’s
Kaori Horiuchi.

This time, I would like to introduce e-sports SQUARE Akihabara, the only one facility in Japan dedicated to “electric sports”. Electric sports, often known as “e-sports,” is a term for competitive video games. E-sports SQUARE Akihabara is where you can enjoy playing various kinds of e-sports games using the great gaming devices! Even I often go there to play League of Legends, one of the popular e-sports games.

First of all…Membership card!

First of all, you have to make a membership card at the
The entrance
#3 PIC 1

The membership card
#3 PIC 2

This doesn’t cost you anything, it’s free. To make one, you might need an ID (Any kind is okay). Once you make the membership card, now you can play the games!
You can get 1 point by spending 100 yen at e-sports SQUARE. This point can be used from 10 points (10,20,30…), and 10 points can be used as 10 yen.
#3 PIC 3
When you go inside, there are mainly three areas, the gaming area, the stage and the café area.

1. Gaming Area

#3 PIC 4
This is the area for you to play games. There are about 30 gaming PCs, You can choose you favorite seat, then just enjoy playing any games they offer.
#3 PIC 5
There are also couches, where you can use gaming consoles, such as Play Station(R) 3.
#3 PIC 6

1-1.Games you can play

League of legends
War of Tanks
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
Alliance of Valiant Arms
Counter Strike Global Diffensive

Play Station(R) 3
FIFA World Class Soccer
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2014

1-2.Gaming PC and Devices

I’m not too good at computers… I’m sorry that I cannot give detailed information about this. These are the basic devices’ info from their official website!

PC: G-Tune’s gaming PCs
Monitor: EIZO FG-2421& ES2333-A
Chair: DXRacer DXZ-BL& DXZ-RD
Mouse: ROCCAT Savu& Kone pure
Keyboard: ROCCAT RYos MK Pro
Headset: ROCCAT Kave
#3 PIC 7

1-3.Is it possible to reserve?

It is possible to make reservations only by phone call, with more than 7 participants. The reservation has to be made at least 6 days before the date you want to reserve.

2. Café Area

At the café area, you can enjoy various kinds of drinks and food. It might be nice to have some break if you are going to play for long time ☺
#3 PIC 8

3. Stage Area

#3 PIC 9
The stage Area is used for the game tournaments and events. The tournament and event schedule are usually informed on e-sports SQUARE’s official website. It might be fun to check out the game events in Japan!

How much does it cost?

1. Gaming Area

1hour: 400yen
3hours: 1,000yen
6hours: 2,000yen
Extending for 30 min: 200 yen
BEFORE 5: Weekdays only, before 17:00, 2hours will be free by ordering 1 drink/food.

2. Café Area

The menu at e-sports SQUARE Akihabara
#3 PIC 10

Staff Members

Staff members at e–sports SQUARE know about games very very VERY well. Some of them are even the professional game players who have participated in the game tournaments (details are on the E-sports SQUARE’s official website). It seems that they have their own specialties, yet I’m sure that they would be able to answer any kinds of questions! Also I’m sure you can enjoy playing e-sports games even you do not know much about them. Staff members are ready to help you out!

I have been to e-sports SQUARE Akihabara many times to practice e-sports games using my free time. It is a fantastic place with great staff members, and with great gaming devices. I hope you will visit there to experience e-sports and get to see great people there! You might see me practicing if you visit…


Address: Box’R AKIBA Bldg 2F
3-2-12 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021 JAPAN

TEL: 03-3525-8151

Hours: 12:00-23:00
Close on Mondays (except for holidays)


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