Kanno Oshiri Korean food in Akihabara Yodobashi Akiba

Kanno Oshiri Korean food in Akihabara Yodobashi Akiba

When you get tired of Sushi or Ramen, you should try Kimchi!

I know it’s a bit weird to have Korean food in Japan, because there are piles of yummy Japanese food here. But after you have ramen, sushi, Tonkatsu…etc. everyday in Japan, Korean food is also a good choice for you especially these two countries are very close geographically.
The lunch set in Kanno Oshiri is around 800yen~1250yen and also incudes free drinking bar, is by no means expensive, not bad. We ordered a Bibimbap+ Shinramen set and Cheese Sundubu set, they were spicier than we thought. Since I am not Korean so I can’t tell the Kanno Oshiri is traditional Korean food or not, but as a human who like Korean and Japanese food so bad, the Cheese Sundubu was good and a good sized filling. The amount of Bibimbap+ Shinramen set is good for man, which they can have rice and noodle at the same time, but I have to you remind you the Shinramen is really spicy!
As a foreigner in Japan, I think I’ll always prefer Japanese food, but once in a while it’s nice to step outside the box.
■Hours 11:00~23:00
■Access Yodobashi camera 8F, Hanaokacho Kanda 1-1 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
■Tell 03-5298-8075
■URL http://www.gyozaya.com/kannooshiri/


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