Idol Live – Roppongi – 16th November 2014 – Jewel Mariee – a cute, budding group of seven mini-idols in the land of the rising sun!

Idol Live – Roppongi – 16th November 2014 – Jewel Mariee – a cute, budding group of seven mini-idols in the land of the rising sun!

Exquisite idol show from emerging J-pop group! Today, I’m writing about Jewel Mariee – a lucky numbered group of seven little ladies looking to climb steep steps in the J-Pop arena!

The Beehive in Roppongi – this is where all the action was on this day!

The BeeHive Live House in Roppongi is a rather subtle place to host an idol performance. Located in a serene neighborhood, one could walk by the place without even noticing it! But on November 16th, 2014, several beautiful Idols in their lovely costumes, and their fans – the Otagei, were busy and milling about, all in anticipation of an afternoon of music and dance.

Seeing a Idol solo or group performance, and the antics of the fan community, the Otagei, is an amazing experience. It is not to be missed for anyone who would like to experience the product of a modern and evolved Japanese pop culture.

On this day, I did a mini interview and introduction of two artists – the cute (kawaii!) and lovely Yunaimizu (Yu-chan) – a solo performer from Yamanashi, and the Jewel Mariee group – a group of cheerful bubbly girls with high diversity on the kawaii scale. In addition to both Yunaimizu and Jewel Mariee, I also got a chance to interview Dear Dolls – another group of young talents who were prepping for their show.

In this article, I write about Jewel Mariee. The Jewel Mariee group – although a bit shy, introduced themselves – Nakayumina San, Oriyeyumi San, Yoshizawayu San, Momoemomo San, Shimada San, Narita San and Hirose San.

They also posed for a group photo with me, on their own, and individually. It seems they have their own unique and quirky hand gestures, which give them a bit of character!


Jewel Mariee rocks the stage in front of the cheering Otagei!

The bubbly and cheerful Jewel Mariee group’s performance came after a superb show by Yunaimizu. By this time, the audience’s expectations had reached sky high proportions.

The group met these expectations through an excellent and consistent performance. The seven girls made best use of the stage space and kicked off their song with a circle run. The Otagei also followed suit with a run of their own!

Jewel Mariee sang a peppy J-pop number. Each member took the opportunity to showcase their singing talent and in doing this, the handovers between the girls were executed flawlessly. Though the microphone could have been set a bit louder, the audience more than made up by singing along with the girls.

After the group’s first song they thanked the audience with a sweet synchronized arigato gozaimasu!

Jewel Mariee group members engaged the audience in conversation, and started off with their second number in a couple of minutes. The second performance started a bit slower, but ended up being a pulsating number with plenty of energy. This too was well received by the cheering fans.

With a bit more polish and hard work, Jewel Mariee can scale much higher heights and reach many levels further than they are now. I wish them all the very best.

Dear Dolls – yet another promising group of Idols!

With the day’s performances still fresh in our souls, I was happy to interact with and interview one more young group of talents – the Dear Dolls! A friendly group of 5 teenagers, the group was quite eager and seemed to be well prepared for their upcoming performance.

They cool blue school uniform like outfits which they were wearing reminds me of Sailor Moon!


I hope to see their performance the next time, and share my experience with all of you!

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