Honey Honey @akihabara/ Free Wifi service in this maid cafe

Honey Honey @akihabara/ Free Wifi service in this maid cafe

Hi! I`m Kyaw.
I have visited the maid café at Akihabara called HoneyHoney. Out of many maid cafés in Akihabara, this café offers a unique menu and service. There is a menu called “Ojousama no Sui-tsu setto” , or in English,“Ladies`sweets set”, which is a service for women only, and it allows customers to change into maid costumes and take pictures of themselves.

Akihabara List`s limited coupons

(A)  For 1st time visitor who visit during lunch time ( 11.00-17.00), you will get a FREE drink!

(B)  For 1st time visitor who visit during dinner time ( 17.00-23.00), you will get a FREE drink (only drinks price not more than 780 yen)


Honey Omelet Rice 880 yen

It`s the usual menu of the maid café.
If you order this menu, you will get to see the maid decorate your omelet rice with ketchup.


If you show the maids a picture or message you would like them to draw, they might actually draw it for you!

Kapag may ipinakita kang mensahe o larawan sa mga tauhang nakasuot ng damit pang-kosplay na gusto mong iguhit nila, maari nilang iguhit ito para sayo.

You can add cheese topping for 100 yen.

Choco Latte Hot/Ice 580yen

There are 3types of sauces you can choose: chocolate, strawberry and honey.

If you order this menu, the maid will do latte art such as drawing animals on your coffee.


Sweet syrup still lies on the bottom of the cup so make sure you mix it well before you drink! And don`t forget to take the picture beforehand!


I recommend this set menu “Maid costume cosplay present” for women! You can choose your favorite sweets and change into a maid costume you like (5 choices of costumes available), and take a picture. The price for this menu is 980 yen.


You can choose 1 maid costume out of 5 costume choices available. You will get to take a picture of yourself and get one dish of dessert.


The maid costume shown in the picture above is one of the choice you can choose.
You won`t find this special service anywhere else. If you get to come to Akihabara, you should visit here for this interesting and unique experience. It seems that there is also a hidden menu for men, which allows male customers to do cosplay aswell.


Writer’s comments about this maid cafe


Writer`s comments

You can use free wifi here in this café… a very good news for tourists! It seems that many tourists use this café as their base when they visit Akihabara.
The shop is pretty wide, and has about 40 seats for customers. There is also a table for 6 people so those who come in group. Please note that there is usually pork inside the omelet rice, so for those who can`t eat pork, please say “No pork” when order.
There are also counter seats.
Mayroon ding mga magkakaharap na upuan.


The entrance is on the left side of the building. Please take the stairs to the 2nd floor.



Only Japanese is available. (it is scheduled to make an English menu). It is very easy to order, however, because there are pictures in the menu.


■Hours 12:00~23:00(L.O.22:30)
■Access Isamiya-dai8 Bld.2F,3-7-12,Sotokanda,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo
■tell 03-6206-0183
■URL http://www.honey2.jp/akihabara.html


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