Gundam Café/you can enjoy anime cafe and souvenir shop in Akihabara

Gundam Café/you can enjoy anime cafe and souvenir shop in Akihabara

gundamcafe1Their futuristic interior is divided into two, a spacious café that accommodates about 70 seats at one side, and a souvenir shop where one can just come and go with a bag of unique goodies in an instant.

Who says you can’t play and eat at the same time?

Have a childlike heart with a burly man’s stomach? Nothing would beat your huge fancy for kiddie adventures and a ravenous appetite at the same time than putting one and one together. And if you are a huge fun of robots and animated movies and films, you will surely enjoy an exciting visit at Gundam Café, the first official café for the Gundam Mobile Suit. Located just a few strides in front of Akihabara Station, Gundam Café offers an interesting adventure and a relaxing space for the famished adventure-lovers, both locals and foreigners alike. With their futuristic interior design, you will feel an out-of-this-world experience as you let the ambience take you to the imaginative world of Gundam Wings. The café provides an aura with a profusion of both anime-imagination and reality of delectable original dishes. Friendly receptionists clad in brilliant-colored anime uniforms welcome hungry customers with a salute and an accommodating smile. As soon as the café opens from 10:00 in the morning, all customers are greeted with cheerful “irashaiimashe” greetings.

The Gundam-themed dishes will surely entice both your hunger and fancy for these robots.

You can indulge yourself in their very own robotic menu, with dishes garnished according to the Gundam robot of your choice. So who says you can not have fun while eating? While both children and adults can enjoy eating and playing with their toy-like finger food at the same time, they will also satisfy their hunger, along with their creative imagination with the café’s variety of Gundam-themed meals. For drinks, legal aged customers can quench their thirst with their lines of original Gundam-themed cocktails serve from 5 pm until closing time. Furthermore, when you are looking for packed food to take home to your family, Gundam Café also provides souvenir food and snacks that can not be bought anywhere else, like the Gundam robots-shaped manju and the Gunpla-yaki, a fun finger food inspired from their original 1/144 model kit. These unique and simple delights will surely satisfy your cravings for both soft and crispy flour crust with perfectly sweet cream or bean paste filling.

Give yourself a break and enjoy a delightful meal with the robots at Gundam Café.

Lunch meals and alcoholic drinks are served daily from 11:00 am to 4:40 pm and from 5:00 pm respectively. So when the body clock strikes the meal-time chime, sending the “hungry” nerves reverberating in your brain amidst your adventures in the world of robots and anime, fulfilling your appetite won’t ever be any distraction in your child-like fantasy when you seek the comfort of your hunger at Gundam Café, where you can both play and eat with Gundam Wings.

Gundam Café is just a few strides away in front of the Akihabara Station. Akihabara Station is just 3-minute ride away from Tokyo Station via a rapid train on JR Keihintohoku Line. As soon as you pass the exit gate, you will see lines of shop. Gundam Cafe is just past the Beck’s Coffee Shop and beside the AKB48 Cafe.

(Weekdays) 10:00am~11:00pm
(Saturdays) 8:30am~11:00pm
(Sundays & Public Holidays) 8:30am~9:30pm
■Access 1-1, Kandahanaoka-cho,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo,
■Tell 03-3251-0078


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