Greetings! I`m Kyaw.
I`ll introduce you guys the shop that sells Prepaid SIM card, which is a very important item for us tourists.
Dospara is a large computer-related chain store that has 20 branches all over Japan.
Apart from direct purchases at store, you can also make online purchases at its website ( Dospara sells not only unused products, but it also buys and sells second-hand products.
There are 3 main branches of Dospara in Akihabara: 1)Akihabara main branch (specialized in PC products),2) PC parts Building, and 3)Mobile Building. This time I`ll introduce to you the Mobile Store and the computer parts store!

Dospara Mobile Building

Although Dospara is a PC shop, they also sell mobile phone-related products. For SIM card-related goods, visit the 1st floor.

Prepaid SIM cards

I`m going to introduce prepaid SIM cards for foreigners who are here only for a short stay.
This prepaid SIM card is pretty convenient if you would like to use mobile phone during your stay in Japan.
SIM cards normally are used by people who live in Japan so they usually require registering Japanese addresses and many trouble some application processes. However, you can use this SIM card simply through your mobile phones from your home country.
Furthermore, you can change your address setting to your hotel address, and use the SIM card to connect you to the internet.

For online manual settings, they are written not only in Japanese, but also in English, Chinese and Thai so you don`t have to worry. (

So-net Prepaid LTE SIM
30 days 100MB 2778 yen(+tax)
60 days 500MB 4630 yen(+tax)
(Price in 2014/9/17。For current price, please check with the shop)

If you have used up your SIM card, you can buy an additional package, or use credit card to pay for the additional fees.
On the B1 Floor, you can buy smart phones. You will be able to see and try out many kinds of smartphone in on the display case. Since the smart phones is systemized in Japan, it might be difficult to use them in your home country. There is also Mac computers, which sometimes can be used in China and Vietnam without any problems. It is relatively cheaper to buy in Japan, but you should be careful in doing so since there is a possibility of incompatibility.

Dospara`s PC parts builiding

It is the largest PC parts-selling store, in term of size, in Japan.
1st Floor lies the shelves of Graphic board, HDD, SSD and etc.
When you get to the 2nd Floor, you will see various types of computer keyboards, mouses, headphones, and many other devices for internet gaming.
On the 3rd Floor is the shop called Shanghai Donya.
In this store, you will find many kinds of products that help enhance the dynamics of playing internet games (FPS)( such as Battlefield and Call of Duty). Below shows gaming devices such as graphic boards, mouses and keyboards.
I`m a novice in internet gaming, but after visiting the store, I also want to try playing FPS! You can also experience playing games using the device inside the store, but you might want to ask the staff for permission first as some stores might not allow it.
You will find ergonomic mouses and keyboards for the left-handed. There is also a mouse with a shortcut button. They are designed to increase efficiency of game playing so game players can enjoy playing games. There is also products that required specialized knowledge for programmers.
I recommend this store especially to those who love playing internet games.

There is also a headphone with microphone, which is used during playing games in team. There is a variety of products, some are imported products from the US so the size might be a little bit too big for some people.

For game players who prefer high quality images, large variety of graphic boards can be found here. You can use it to increase the image quality of your computer screen, or change it to 3D graphic.
The most expensive graphic board is about 100 thousands yen, but for game novices, a 10 thousand yen graphic board should be enough.

Writer`s comments

Dospara is also very famous for online shopping. Most Japanese people might not know about this, but prices at store are sometimes cheaper than online prices. So I recommend you visit the store directly when you want to buy something.
Additionally,on the 3rd floor of the computer parts store, or the Shanghai Donya Shop, you will find many kinds of unique products. You can enjoy the visit there even by just looking at them.



Usually, the staffs speak Japanese, but you should not worry if you know the product name.


The product prices at Dospara change everyday. You can refer to the prices in this article as rough estimates. For current prices, please check the online shop.


[PC-parts Bld.]
■Hours 11:00~20:00
■Access Dosuparapa-tsukan Bld., 3-11-4, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
■tell 03-6866-7224

[Mobile Bld.]

■Hours 11:00~20:00
■Access Mitsuwa Bld., 1-11-4, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
■tell 03-5207-6411


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