CLUB SEGA AKIHABARA SHINKAN/ Enjoy games and took a print club photo booth picture.

CLUB SEGA AKIHABARA SHINKAN/ Enjoy games and took a print club photo booth picture.

CLUB SEGA is a Japanese game center and there are 4 CLUB SEGA in Akihabara. Today we introduce you about the newest building in Akihabara.
SEGA is a game company which is famous for Sonic. Sonic is a name of character in SEGA’s video game.
(About Sonic →

There are a lot of figures in crane games. (1F)

On 1st floor, there are many kind of crane games. You can get animation figures or sweets if you success the crane games. There are few tourists who want to buy figures in these crane games, but you cannot buy it. If you want to get the figure, let’s try the game!
CLUB SEGA AKIHABARA SHINKAN is putting strength into prizes in crane games. They have a lot of prizes, and they are absorbed in how to show these prizes for users. So it is also funny for you to look these crane games like show windows.
When you want to play these crane games, you have to bet a 100yen coin, then control crane by using 2 buttons. Timing of pushing these buttons is a key to success the game.

Prepare for many 100yen coins in your pocket

You have to pay 100yen coin to play all games in a game center. So when you don’t have some 100yen coins in your purse, you can use a money changer in the game center. There are simple manual written by English.

You can take a commemorative photo by “Puri-kura”. (3F)

On the 3rd floor, there are Photo booths “prikura”. Purikura is famous in Japan and many Japanese high school students love it. You can not only take a picture but also write messages on the photos!

It is little difficult for foreigners to take a picture by using this photo booth. Because the location where you take pictures and write messages on it and get it, is different.
But don’t worry. In CLUB SEGA AKIHABARA SHINKAN, there are manuals that explain how to use the photo booth written in English. These manuals are only in CLUB SEGA AKIHABARA SHINKAN.


There are no native speaker staffs in CLUB SEGA AKIHABARA SHINKAN. But there are some instructions written by English and Chinese.

Shop data

■Hours: 10:00〜22:00
■Address: Soto Kanda 1-11-11 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
■Tell: 03-5297-3601


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