Camera no Kitamura/cameras which correspond to south east languages

Camera no Kitamura/cameras which correspond to south east languages

I`ll introduce you the camera specialty shop called “Camera no Kitamura”. It has over 900 branch stores all over Japan; 15 of them are duty-free. The branch shop at Akihabara is also a duty-free shop.
The shop not only sells both new and secondhand cameras, they also buy used cameras. The prices of cameras change according to the market price that day. It seems that the prices and the stocks are quite volatile, but you can check over 20,000 items of stocks of cameras in every “Camera no Kitamura” stores in Japan by using tablets available at the Akihabara store.
You can also check product information online. Currently (September 2014), the website are available in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. You can search for products online and go to the store to see the product with your own eyes before buying. Since the stocks of secondhand cameras are largely volatile, for those who can read English, you might want to search and check the information before you go directly to the store.

Most tourists who visit Camera-no-Kitamura usually buy cameras for use, not for souvenirs. After they buy the camera, they usually take it out from the box, put camera around their neck and continue their sightseeing. Camera boxes will be put inside a paper bag for you so you don`t need to worry.
The store is a 2-minute walk from Akihabara station, but the location is quite difficult to find so please refer to the map provided on the page below. Tourists who visit the store are Chinese, Thai and etc. There is also tourists who come as a family so it`s a very cozy place to do some shopping.

Akihabara List website`s voucher

■Free printing up to 10 pictures (digital cameras, smart phone) for those who purchase new cameras


This camera supports multi-languages, a total of 34 languages including Japanese, English, Chinese and Thai. You can ask the staff to do language setting for you.
Furthermore, the screen is a touch panel so it is very convenient to make adjustments on screen and take pictures.


The special characteristic of this camera is its large image sensor. Image sensor is an even more important factor to determine the quality of images and photos than number of pixels. If the image censor is large, when you enlarge the photo you take, the photo quality would still be fine.
This camera supports only Japanese and English languages.
The bottom of this camera is engraved with a “Made in Japan” tag so it is quite popular with many tourists who prefer “Made in Japan” products.
Additionally, this camera is also waterproof, dustproof, and is highly durable (it can tolerate up to minus 10℃). Furthermore, it comes with an international warranty so please check with the staff there.

Inside the store

When you get inside the store, you will get to see large amount of cameras on the show cases. Apart from new cameras, there are about 1200 items of secondhand cameras in store.
Although camera tripods are quite inconvenient to carry around during sightseeing, you might want to check a large variety of camera tripods at this store.
There is also various kinds of camera accessories such as camera bag cases and leather straps here.

Writer`s comments

Camera-no-Kitamura is located near a large home appliance store; therefore, not so many tourists know about this place. Buying cameras from home appliance store might be a good idea: however, you can find a unique environment different from other stores here in this camera specialty store. So please visit here if you would like to have experience something different in Akihabara.


Please use this billboard as a mark to find the store.
The store is inside the building, where there is a beef rice store called Yoshinoya.
Please enter this building through the entrance on the left side.
Turn right after you enter.
Take the elevator to the 4th floor.


Only Japanese


■Hours 10:30-19:30
■Access Hasegawa Bld.401, 10,Kanda-Matsunagacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
■tell 03-5297-4041


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