@Home Cafe / Be a master at Maid Cafe Akihabara

@Home Cafe / Be a master at Maid Cafe Akihabara

Yesterday we are very lucky!! We’re invited by @Home Cafe to have lunch with a super cute maid there! Who gonna join me!!!? Oopp!! Sorry! we’re done! Here I will show you how to enjoy a lovely kawaii time in maid cafe.

When someone mentions “ Akihabara” what is come first to your mind? Anyone have “Maid cafe” coming up!!?? If you say “ Yes” Please follow me !

How to go : From Akihabara Station get out from Electric Town exit , Turn right and walk over Gundam & AKB48 Cafe and turn left at the traffic light..@Home cafe is just 50 metre from here.

Weekday : 11.30 – 22.00
Weekend : 10.30 – 22.00
@Home cafe are on 4th , 6th and 7th Floor.


I was very excited that time! Wonder which maid will come to greet me at the entrance and then Hitomi chan is coming!!! she is a leader of Maid team!! oh! give me 5 minute to screaming!!!! lol


From here guests need to follow her and take a seat , Maid will give you a rule (they’re called it promises between Masters&Maids) to read and follow , don’t worry they will provide english one for you!



Promises must be kept between Masters & Maids

1.We accept cards payment.
2.No separate or individual payment.
3.No smoking
4.Photo taking is only allow on food or meals. It’s not allowed to take photos on maids and any shop decorations.
5.Body touch is prohibited. Asking for personal information of maids are not allowed.


After you make a promise with maid, they will bring a cute menu for you. Price is not expensive if compare to this once in a life times experience! (800-1500Jpy)


The drinks were served, she began making a lovely spells to make them taste better! I’m going to start drinking , but she said she will fill her heart into it for more delicious .

Main dish were served. She started drawing a cute character on my meal and invited me to follow her spells to make double delicious.






The meal were very nice with super special maid like her.

For guests who want to have a picture with maids . You can purchase a package to add Polaroid snap with your maid and bring it to show the world!


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