Aso Bit City/you can see Gundam`s plastic models

Aso Bit City/you can see Gundam`s plastic models

Aso Bit City is a hobby specialty store operated by LAOX, a large duty-free chain stores. It is a 3-minute walk along the Chuo Street from Akihabara`s LAOX store.
The store building is a 7-floor building where 1st and 2nd floor sell character goods and games, the 3rd floor sells gundam`s plastic models and tools, the 4th floor sells military goods such as air guns, the 5th floor sells models of trains and railways, the 6th floor is for holding events, and lastly, the 7th floor is a shooting range, where you can experience a trial shooting of air guns.
The events will be held during weekends. They are free, but are on the first-comes-first-served basis.

Character goods/games (1F-2F)

You can find many anime character goods and games on the 1st floor. Besides Japan`s popular anime-related goods, you can also buy Akihabara`s souvenirs here. On the 2nd floor, you will find cosplay goods. Below is the store website( though it is in Japanese, you can skim through the website and look at the pictures of products. This site is in English(

Demonstration of the making of Gundam`s plastic models(3F)

There is diverse variety of gundam`s plastic models here, it covers many series of gundam. The plastic models for the newest series, Unicorn Gundam are also available for sale. Since gundam has been broadcasted in many different languages around the world, they are very popular anime series.
At the middle corner of the 3rd floor, there is a demonstration space called HOBBY WORKS, where you will get to see the real makings of gundam`s plastic models during weekends around 1PM. You can learn how to make plastic models, and learn tricks to paint the models. Even if you don`t know how to make one, you can watch and learn it here.

Railway models` selling corner 5F

The store has both 2 types of railway models, N-gauge and HO-gauge. The difference between N-gauge and HO-gauge is the size of the rails. N-gauge train models can actually run, but HO-gauge trains are just for show. Shinkansen train model is very popular with tourists. The variety of mini-cars are also very diverse.

Shooting range

model gun
On the highest floor is the shooting range, where you can try shooting model gun.
Air guns and military-related hobby goods are being sold on the 4th floor. If you buy a model gun here, you can have a 30-minute trial shooting for 540 yen. If you don`t have a model gun, you can pay an additional rent for it at the rate 540 yen per 30 minutes.


■Hour 10:00〜21:00
■Adress 1-15-18, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
■Tell 03-5298-3581


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