Animate / Be animated with all the hobby items and goodies you will see in their shop

Animate / Be animated with all the hobby items and goodies you will see in their shop

True to the shop’s name, you will surely be animated with all the various items and goodies you will find at Animate, a hobby shop that deals with toys, action figurines, stationery items, Manga comics, magazines and books , CDs and DVDs of animation-series and theme songs.
In the rabbit warren of shops and stores in Akihabara, it is surely a challenge to find the best one that offers items with the best treats and value for your money. Within just a 10-minute walk around the station, you will find so many hobby shops that sell the same genre of items. But as you begin to acclimatize your senses in all the hobby shops you pass by, you will surely realize that there are few shops worth visiting. You will also save your time from going around and around, trying to find the best of the bests. Among these must-visit hobby and toy shops is Animate.

From the first to the seventh floor, Animate offers various lines of items that will surely animate you. From the entrance to the shop, some toy dispensers welcome every adventure-seeking, anime-loving tourists and locals. On the first floor, you will find assorted topics of magazines and comics stacks on several shelves on the right side of the entrance door. On the opposite side, you will find colorful boxes of animated cookies and candies. The variety of books, magazines and comics, among other reading materials is extended until the third floor. You will find comics of famous animation-series that are yet to be shown on the TV program.

On the fourth and fifth floor, you will find souvenir text and logo shirts, stationery items, fans and folders with Manga pictures, figurine toys, key chained pictures of Japanese young female idols and imaginary girl-band animation toys, among others. On the last two floors are the Blue ray and DVDs of animation in movies and their corresponding theme songs.

Be animated with their very own original love stories created within a box of chocolates.

While Animate offers all sorts of toys, they also prides themselves in their very own souvenir boxes of assorted goodies and treats, where original animated love and fun-filled stories are created in every box of cookies. One interesting story is what Japanese refers to as “yandere.” It is about a girl who is head-over-heels in love with her boyfriend.

Enjoy more treats and prizes with their Animate Point Card.

As their way of giving value to their patrons and their money, the shop offers an Animate point card where you can exchange the accumulated points into special presents. You will garner 5 percent-worth of points from the total amount you paid for your purchased items. So, with every 100 yen amount of purchases, you will earn 5 points for it. To exchange it for prizes of your choice, points are calculated as one yen is to one point.

Animate stands towering in blue bearing its name on the top most past of the building.

While it is easy to spot the building when looking high above the top of the building for the name, it is also a bit painful in the neck to do so. Animate is in lively blue color that stands against the sky’s blue shade with white spots of clouds.

Just a 6-minute walk from the JR Akihabara Station via the Electric Town Exit, go past Atre and on towards the main road. Turn right and go one block, past Aoki Akihabara and across the pedestrian crossing. Go few stores, and you will see Animate, just right after the building beside Triton.

■Hours 10:00~21:00
■Access 4-3-2, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
■Tell 03-5209-3330


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