Akky International Main Store / A duty free electronics and Japanese souveniers and collectibles shop on Chuo Dori

Akky International Main Store / A duty free electronics and Japanese souveniers and collectibles shop on Chuo Dori

Brightly lit and staffed by multilingual professionals, this duty free shop sells products ranging from electronics to salaryman bags to suitcases and even katanas!

A duty free shop on Chuo Dori with an excellent range of products to choose from

With Akihabara being the epicenter for all things electronic in Tokyo, it is not surprising to see that there are several duty free shops which are oriented towards both local and expat customers. One such shop which is very close to Akihabara Station and on the main Chuo Dori street is Akky International. In fact, there are two Akky shops in the area, and I’ll be covering the Main Store, which is just next to the Aoki Akihabara building, and opposite to the Mulan Akiba Media shop which can be visited if crossing the road. The shop is advertised through a nicely lit composite collection of flags, and also a bright yellow cuboid at the top of the building with the shop name on it, which makes it visible from across the street too. The shop is well staffed with friendly multilingual staff, some of whom speak both Japanese and English.

The fringes of the shop have mainly bags and pouches. Many of the pouches had a Kawaii theme to them, while a few looked like samurai swords! There were also several models of run of the mill office / laptop bags normally carried by salarymen seen on entering the shop.

A little further in, we get to see the cameras and watches sections, and also the men’s / women’s grooming sections, which had some really high quality models from Japanese companies, and other makers around the world. However, what really led my eyes to pop were the high tech rice cookers which looked very futuristic and were priced at 119000 Yen!




A good variety of Japanese souvenirs and collectibles in the basement, and a dedicated floor for electronics too!

On entering further into the shop, we can see Japanese souvenirs and collectibles, including the usual suspects like paper fans, art items and fortune dolls. Taking the stairs down on the way to the basement floor, we can see a variety of products ranging from Tokyo T-shirts and even high quality traditional tea pots, some of which were priced at 270000 Yen! On reaching the basement, we can see katana (Japanese swords used by the erstwhile Samurai warriors) with attractive designs.




After browsing through the basement, I made my way to the upper floor, to be greeted by a large selection of suitcases on the way. The upper floor is dedicated for mobile phones, laptops and audio entertainment systems. The latest and greatest mobile phones and audio systems from Sony and many other manufacturers were on display, along with laptops from Toshiba, Dell, Acer and others. There were also a selection of TVs, and also a dedicated section for JBL headphones, including models kept for testing. Many kinds of computer accessories like SD Cards and USB drives were also available.





Access / A compulsory duty free shopping destination in Akihabara

This main store of Akkey is open from 10:00 am to 7:30 PM, as specified on their website.

Their official website is http://akky-jp.com/eg/shop01/

Akkey International main shop is only a 3 minute (200 meters) walk from the JR Akihabara Station Electric Town Exit. Akihabara is well connected with multiple train lines, including the JR Keihin Tohoku and Yamanote Lines and the Sobu lines.

To easily reach Akkey International main stop from the Electric Town Exit in the Akihabara Station, take an immediate left and walk alongside the “Atre” building in a direction perpendicular to the AKB48 cafe. Walk straight for about 50 meters and take a right turn before the “Adores” building on the right. After walking a few meters on this right turn, take a left onto a small street and you will see the shop on the right.

■Hours – 10:00~19:30
■Access – 〒101-0021 Tōkyō-to, Chiyoda-ku, Sotokanda, 1 Chome−12-1
■Tel – +81-3-5207-5027 / +81-3-5207-5564
■URL – http://akky-jp.com/eg/shop01/


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