How to Have Fun at Idol’s Concerts / KAORI’s Akihabara List NEWS [Vol.2]

How to Have Fun at Idol’s Concerts / KAORI’s Akihabara List NEWS [Vol.2]

Ohayougozaimasu! Hello everyone!
I’m Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome’s Kaori Horiuchi.

Do you want to experience Akihabara subculture…? If you do, I recommend you to try going to an idol concert! Idol groups are becoming one of the significant and unique parts of Akihabara’s subculture nowadays. Go to idol concerts and experience the real Akihabara subculture!
But… I guess it could be a little hard to access the idol concerts for visitors or for those who do not know much about idols. So, here, I would like to give few tips, what to do and how to enjoy the idol concerts!

Before the Idol’s Concert


First of all, what you should do is the RESEARCH. Usually the information/schedule of the events and concerts are up on the idol’s Twitter account, blog, or the groups’ official website. For example, I usually tweet about the information of events/concerts and write about it on my blog. Also, the same information is on the Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome’s official website.
Concert information on my blog
Concert information on my twitter account

What is more, the events and concerts could be more fun if you research well about your favorite member, such as her favorite color, (to decide what color of chemical light stick you might want to use… Often the member has her official representative color), whether her official T-shirt is available or not, and so on.


After you research about the concert, you should reserve a ticket. Depending on the idol groups and also depending on where the live takes place, the ticket price varies. For the concert for 200-3000 people, the ticket price is usually 2,000 yen- 4,000yen with 1 drink order required (usually 500yen). How you reserve it? It can be usually done online. Which website to use is usually informed on idol group’s website, twitter, or blog!
In addition to concerts, there are some free live events, too. In this case, you do not have to reserve anything. Just research about the event, such as time and the place, and go to the event! These free events are maybe easier to access, yet the live performance could be much shorter compared to the concert which you need a ticket for.

3. GO to the Idol’s Concert!

After researching and reserving, it’s time for you to actually go to the concert! You can get to the concert place around the starting time, but I recommend you to arrive at least 15 min before the starting time. The concert place could be very crowded. Also for standing concerts, most of the time, you would be able to get a better place if you arrive the place early.

Next is…
What to do at the idol concert!

During the Performance:

Where to Stand/Sit is Very Important
To enjoy the concert, deciding where to stand/sit is very important.

1. If you want to enjoy the performance up close
I recommend you to be at the very front, close to the main stage. Maybe choosing the side might be better than being at the front center because a lot of fans move a lot around this area.

2. If you want to get the taste of the concert
I recommend you to be around the middle or in the back. Around these areas, you can see the idol performing and also can see what fans do during the concert. You would be able to get a taste of the idol concerts!

3. If you want to join what fans do
During the concert, you would probably encounter some strange movements that fans do or yelling noises that fans make. They are often called “wotagei.” If you want to participate in those, I recommend you to stand in the middle, a little front. Around those areas, you could be able to see the idol’s performance of course, while joining what other fans do.


What is WOTAGEI? If you have ever been to an idol concert or have watched idol concerts’ videos, you would probably notice fans doing some kind of movement or cheering. That is WOTAGEI. In Japan, idol fans are often called as “WOTA.” Wotagei is a kind of a “performance” done by the fans to support the idols. This could be a little hard to copy, or you might feel a little embraced to do the same. They are not necessary things to do, so it’s totally okay to not do the wotagei, but just enjoy the performance. For those who want to try doing those at the idol concerts, I will give you some easy tips.

I think the easiest would be the “Cyalumes (Chemical light sticks, lumica lights)”. Many idol fans bring those to the concert.
Just bring them with you and light them up during the concerts. You might wonder what color to choose. It is probably better to choose the color assigned to your favorite member. But, if you do not know your favorite member’s color, or if your favorite member does not have a representative color, then any colors are totally fine. Yet, there is only one thing that you should be careful of. Some of the songs have certain cyalume color that fans use. The example is my group, Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome’s “Winter Romance”… During this song, the cyalumes color is always blue!



Along with the cyalumes, easy ones that you would be able to do right away are the hand clapping, “call” and “Oshijan.” How you clap your hands really depends on the songs, so I recommend trying to copy what other fans do. “Call” is usually the yelling noise that fans make, and it also means fans calling out the member’s name during the song. The yelling noises are usually called as “mix.” There are several kinds of mix, the standard one goes like this, “Tiger, Fire, Cyber, Fiber, Diver, Viber, Jya Jya.” When you should do the mix also depends on songs, so try doing those as other fans do! Also, when your favorite member, Oshi-men has a solo part during a song, it’s time for you to call out her name. Another easy one to do is the “Oshi-jan.” This means jumping for your “Oshi(your favorite member).” Fans usually do this to show your presence during their favorite member’s solo parts in song. This is pretty easy to do! :)

Even After the Concert…!

Even after the energetic and fun performance, you can still have fun. There is “Buppan,” meaning selling CDs and group’s official items. Often purchasing some of those will let you participate in shake-hand events with the group members, or “Cheki-kai,” (Polaroid photo with the group members. During the shake-hand events, you can enjoy a short chat with the members.
It is fun to chat with the members right after the concert, telling how you felt about the performance!
Cheki-Kai could be the group photo or solo photo.
backstage2_ 9
Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome’s group photo session

It would be nice to take a picture with members as a memory of the concert.

I have written a lot above. We, the idols, are happy if we can just make you smile at the concert! So it is totally okay not doing any of the tips written above if you can at least enjoy the concert J Yet, what I have introduced are pretty basic and easy to do! I think knowing them and trying them out would be helpful…! I hope, someday, you would try going to an idol concert and experience a part of Akihabara subculture. When you do, try my tips, and ENJOY!

Kaori Horiuchi

Twitter account: Kaori_Kaotan
Official Blog:



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