Highschool Akiba Gumi/ maid café under the theme of  highschool.

Highschool Akiba Gumi/ maid café under the theme of highschool.

Since the café is located on the 4th floor of the building, it is kind of difficult to find, and only around 20 groups of tourists make a visit per month. It is a good tourist place where not many people know about.

Akihabara List Limited Coupon

(A)    Take one snap picture with the maid staff for FREE!

(B)    You might get the chance to see Otagei! Free ticket for maids` stage performance!

*You can choose either A or B. The coupon is for 1 time use per person.

Inside the café

At the maid café, you can experience Japanese high school life such as the school lunch.


There is a blackboard and a class platform, which is used as a stage for performance. If you visit the café in the weekend or in the evening, you`ll be able to watch the stage performance such as singing and dancing performed by the maid staffs.


On the right side of the picture below, you can see a desk normally used in Japanese school. Many snap pictures are posted on the wall.

Recommended menu

School lunch Triple Set (1850yen)

Exclusively for those who visit AkihabaraList website, a special set menu is prepared just for you! Give this menu a try to experience the feeling of Japanese student!

Fried bread is one of the most popular school menus for Japanese students. Cocoa icing is applied on freshly fried bread. For those who don`t like cocoa, you can change to normal sugar icing, which is an original flavor. The plates and trays used in the menu are the same as those being used in Japanese schools.

■Fried bread:450 yen■Clam chowder:500yen■Hamburg:900yen

Melon Soda (500 yen)

Besides soft drinks, various kinds of alcoholic beverages are also available. There is a bartender`s counter on the back corner of the shop, where you can enjoy alcohol drinking.

Writer`s comments/Let`s have a look at Japanese culture and Otagei!

スクリーンショット 2014-07-18 9.38.11

I would like to recommend tourists to experience watching live performance by the maids at the café. For the stage performance, I suggest you visit the café on Saturday or weekdays from 6pm onwards. Japanese salarymen who are maid fans usually dance and liven up the performance. This dance performed by maid fans is called “Otagei”. Otagei is a very unique dance, and might be more interesting to watch than the live itself to get to know Japanese culture better. The fees for watching live performance is actually over 2200 yen, but for those of you who read the AkihabaraList website, you can watch the live for free! (Please use the limited coupon!)
Don`t miss this chance to experience Japanese culture at the maid café!

IMG_0358 IMG_0322


There is both Japanese and English menus!

Although there is no staff who can speak English, you are welcomed to communicate with them through gestures.
IMG_0304 IMG_0306


Please enter from the left side of the building. Take the stairs to the 4th floor then you`ll see the entrance of the café.
If you see this billboard, then you are at the right building!

IMG_0861 IMG_0866 IMG_0869 IMG_0237


■Hours 12:00~22:00
■Access nikkasekiyu Bld.,3-10-12,Sotokanda,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo
■tell 03-6206-0218
■URL http://www.cafebar-highschool.com/


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